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Danelle is terrific at what she does.  She is very intuitive, knowledgeable, gentle, kind.  I had many acupuncture sessions with her and I always walked away feeling great benefit. Her advice for general well-being and nutrition was also quite helpful.  I highly recommend her.

- Rita

I’ve been seeing Danelle for almost 2 years now and her treatments have made a huge difference – my digestion problems, poor sleep, hot flashes are history thanks to her. I continue to go for treatments in order to keep my good health. I always leave each session with her feeling good, relaxed and whole. Danelle is wonderful person, very good in what she does; dedicated, thorough and caring. I am lucky that we met and I recommended her to all my friends.

 - Nada

 I came to Danelle with a fairly wide variety of issues, some bigger some smaller. I had severe eczema since childhood as well a history of digestive problems. I also had a ligament tear and other muscular-skeletal concerns. Danelle was ready. She made me feel very comfortable right away.  She asked many questions that I would not have expected and immediately started me thinking about my health as something much bigger than a physical phenomenon; rather, she began to show me how health is a balance between mind and body. 

In session, Danelle is excellent. She exudes a deep warmth and sincerity that put me at ease and helped me to be relaxed and emotionally prepared for treatment. She would ask after every needle what I was feeling and where I was feeling it. She would recheck my pulses and often, and this I have learned to be very rare in the profession, would alter her treatment plan in response to my feedback during treatment. After a treatment, Danelle is no less eager for information. She would sometimes email me if I had not given her feedback within two days.

I have had experiences since with other practitioners who have been far too forceful in their treatment, which probably also stems from their not paying close enough attention to the particularities of their patient. Danelle's approach to my issues was to address them in a way that did not overwhelm or overburden me. She always made sure to nourish and protect as she went about bringing my health into balance.

- Philip

I exercise often but I don’t sleep enough and I definitely eat too many meals at the office. I found that I would get sick 4-5 times per year and that when I caught a cold, it would take me a week or more to kick it. I started on a regimen of acupuncture and herbs along with modest changes in my diet. The results have been dramatic. I went almost three years before getting sick – and that streak was only broken due to my new baby! I was both thrilled and surprised that acupuncture could so dramatically raise my base level of health. I highly recommend using it as a preventative measure. My doctor is great when I’’m sick but Danelle is my secret weapon to keep me well. 

- Christopher

I went to Danelle for acupuncture to treat my neck and back pain. It was a great help and she also treated me for other issues I wouldn'’t have even thought to have acupuncture treat. It was all very effective and way easier then i thought it would be. I was a little nervous and Danelle set me at ease. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is considering it. 

- Ryan


I started getting acupuncture from Danelle after being diagnosed with hypomania, and in the time since I’'ve started going to her my anxiety has markedly decreased and I’ve also chosen to adopt other aspects of natural wellness in life thanks to Danelle’s advice. But in addition to her help with my diagnosis and anxiety, I’ve also experienced other physical changes including improved digestion, body temperature regulation, and generally being more aware of my body. Danelle has been great for me, as someone who was totally new to (and a bit uncertain and skeptical of) the world of holistic medicine. 

- Kathryn

Danelle is a very compassionate, caring acupuncturist and person. She listens to your entire concern, and truly cares and strives to help you. Her knowledge and compassion help me to find healing each time. 

- Kay

This was my first experience with acupuncture. I approached it with hesitation. In this case, the treatment you administered was effective for which I am most grateful. 

- Boris


Corporate Yoga + Mindfulness

I hired Danelle to teach yoga at SearchOne because I believed practicing yoga as a team would both decrease stress and build bonds within the firm. The convenience of the classes and the engagement of the employees has been incredible, which have made this an extraordinarily successful program. The yoga sessions support both physical fitness and mental clarity and my employees have all made tangible progress. The weekly classes have had a profoundly positive impact on every team member within our firm and I highly recommend these services.

- Michael

Danelle is an absolute pleasure to work with—she was a gracious host to our guests and is wonderful at balancing different skill levels to personalize the yoga experience for each individual. Personable and accommodating, Danelle went above and beyond to create a memorable experience for our guests. 

- Andrea

My husband and I would like to thank you for your wonderful energy and for making our yoga weekend experience unforgettable. We thoroughly enjoyed your lessons and hope to be able to participate in future retreats. Thank you so much! 

- Fernanda & Pablo

I can happily attest to our instructor’s positive attitude and reinforcement, profound patience, clear teaching methods, and extremely professional practice. She is wonderful! 

- Rachel

There was never enough time in a group class for the instructor to help me figure out what I was doing wrong with the sun salutation. After three sessions of studying with you privately you have made me fall in love with yoga all over again. And, most important, you helped me transition to chaturanga with great ease. Thank you, Danelle, for figuring out what I was doing wrong and helping me get back on track to good health. 

- Judy



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