Your health story is unique. 

Your complete health history is different from any story any healthcare provider has heard before. The key to successfully navigating your health issue is someone who can listen, assess the situation and develop your personalized plan to help you heal. 

Everyone that has pursued any healing modality has a story, a time they got injured, an emotional condition they have dealt with since they can remember, a illness from childhood. It all effects your overall health picture. My goal is to help patients work with their story and their past health history to create a health plan that optimizes the way they feel. We will all encounter obstacles to health and healing in our lifetime. Have you assembled the team to help you climb your health challenge mountain and descend on the other side?

Tell me your story

Write to me about your health challenge or health crisis - I will connect with you about services, either through me or another service provider I trust, that may help and how.

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