I have traveled difficult healing paths myself, enabling me to deeply understand pain and develop as a healer.

Nearly 20 years ago I experienced my first major health challenge. As a residual effect of a car accident, I developed epilepsy. I worked with the best neurologists in the country, all offered me courses of pharmaceuticals. Yet, even with the strongest drugs, no one could help me control my seizures. I decided to become the most knowledgable person about my condition and it's unique circumstances. 

I traveled to India to work with an amazing Ayurvedic doctor, yoga instructor and chef. I was introduced to supplements, including ghee,   diet changes and a host of stress reduction techniques. After my return to the United States, I complemented the Ayurvedic work with acupuncture and Chinese medicine. I never had a another seizure and my path as a healed person and healer had begun. 

I was committed to healing - both for myself and for everyone else that hadn't traveled my path and learned what I had learned. I became a registered yoga instructor in India, and later I became a licensed acupuncturist. I have studied in both China and India, at both the University of Beijing under the Department Chair of Herbology and TCM, and the Brahma Ashram in Kerala. I have worked in a variety of clinical settings providing acupuncture and Chinese medicine as a form of healing, including:

  • St. Vincent’s Comprehensive Cancer Center, New York City
  • The Initiative for Women with Disabilities at New York University Hospital for Joint Disease, New York City
  • Lutheran Hospital’s Labor and Delivery and Neurology Departments, Brooklyn
  • Lincoln Recovery Center at Lincoln Hospital, National Association Detoxification Specialist, Bronx




Fast forward ten years, I had grown a successful acupuncture practice and yoga business in New York. I gave birth to my second child who suffered from all sorts of digestive complications from birth. These digestive issues later lead to a host of allergic responses, all due to weakness in her digestive system. After modifying her diet with gut healing protocols that I had designed for her based on some of the teachings of great practitioners in this area, all her digestive complications began to ease and she began to thrive.  

In my own research, I soon began to learn that my own neurological problems had a digestive component, which diet changes and stress reduction techniques so therapeutic for me. My mission is now to help patients understand the digestive system linkage to a host of diseases like eczema, autism, attention deficit disorder, anxiety, depression, and more.

My life’s work is to support the mind and body in obtaining the highest levels of health possible. I am committed to passing this knowledge on to my patients, empowering them to influence their own unique health situations in a positive way, enabling them to live fully in the present and pursue their destiny. The curative powers do not lie in the practitioner you see periodically, but lie within the choices you make and the tools you have to achieve them.
— Danelle Ebbel, Acupuncturist + Healer